Multidisciplinary team

Members of the working group

Blason-LeRoeulx Town of Le Roeulx

  • Mr. Benoît Friart, Deputy-Mayor
  • Mr. Jérôme Wastiau, Municipal Councillor of Tourism and Culture
  • Mr. Jean-Francis Formule, Municipal Councillor of Citizenship
  • Mr. Corentin Nalletamby, Strategic Projects Manager
  • Ms. Catherine Bailly, Communication and Events Team
  • Mr. Dimitri Deblander, Communication and Events Team
  • Mr. Kevin Delcourt, Computer graphic designer
  • Mr. François Debatty, Technical Office Manager
  • Mr. Jérémie Rucquoy et Mr. Christophe Zanin, Technical Agents
RW Wallonia region – DGO1 – Operational Directorate General Roads and Buildings

  • Mr. Harold Grandjean, Manager of the Directorate Landscaping

  • Colonel James Godefroy
  • Chief Warrant Officer Michel Bouchard
  • Warrant Officer Elena Vazquez

  • Mr. Henrion Pierre, Professor at the School of Arts of the City of Liege
  • Ms. Dominique Navet, Art Historian (SPW)
  • Mr. Pierre Van Craeynest, Honorary Inspector coordinator of art education
  • Ms. Adèle Santocono, Head of the Visual Arts sector of the Province of Hainaut
logo-leroeulx-tourisme Tourist Office of Le Roeulx

  • Mr. Benoît Hautenauve, Historian and President of the Tourist Office
  • Mr. Gilbert Lagneau, Member of the Tourist Office
  • Mr. Jean Leclercq, Member of the Tourist Office
Mons Culture Town of Mons

  • Mr. Jacques Hamaide, Honorary Municipal Councillor
  • Mr. Corentin Rousman, Coordinator of the Commemorations 14-18

Partners involved in the project

For Belgium

  • Mr. René Collin, Belgian Minister of Tourism
  • Wallonia Arts Commission
  • Mr. Tommy Leclercq, Governor of the Province of Hainaut
  • Mr. Marc Caprasse, Mayor of the town of Houffalize

For Canada

  • Canadian Minister of Veterans Affairs
  • His Excellency Denis Robert, Canadian Ambassador in Belgium
  • Mr. Greg Kenney, Managing Director, European Operations
  • The National Military Representative of Canada, Randy Caspick, Captain (Navy)

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